Money Continues To Pour In To Campaigns For Illinois Statehouse

Nov 7, 2016

With less than 24 hours until Election Day, gobs of money continues to flow to campaigns for the Illinois statehouse.

Credit state of Illinois

Only a fraction of races for the Illinois state House and State Senate are really competitive.

But those that are, are throwing a lot of money toward TV ads.

On Chicago’s Northwest Side, incumbent Republican State Representative Michael McAuliffe brought in $232,000 just in the last week.

That’s almost $100,000 more than his Democratic opponent, Merry Marwig.

Four years ago, when the race wasn’t nearly as competitive, McAuliffe brought in $2,200 in the final week of the campaign.

A lot of McAuliffe’s money can be traced back to Governor Bruce Rauner.

And Marwig’s getting a lot of support from labor unions and the Democratic Party.