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Audio Help

What kind of hardware and software do I need to listen online?

Hardware: You need a computer with a sound card and either speakers or headphones. Most computers sold within the last five years or advertised as "multimedia" have these.

Software: You can listen to our online stream and podcasts via one of the free downloadable players linked above.

Why does the stream occasionally stop or stutter while I’m listening?

Any momentary interruptions in your stream may be due to Internet congestion, which can be more frequent at certain times of the day. Current streaming technology makes best efforts not to lose audio information and holds or "buffers" it until the line is clear to receive further information. This is why there is sometimes a stuttering or delaying effect when receiving a stream.

I am unable to listen to WNIJ or WNIU on my computer. What do I do?

Please check to make sure your Internet connection is working properly, and that you are able to listen to audio on other Web sites. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can download one of our Mobile Apps.

If you are still unable to listen to us online, please contact our Online Services Director John Hill at jhill@niu.edu or at 815-753-0072.