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Perspective: The Bend In The Road

Dan Kenney

“The place you’re looking for is up round the bend.” The man said it with certainty. He had traversed that bend many times and he knew exactly what was waiting.


I take what I call a “prayer walk” each day. Often on the same path that has many bends. The first time I walked it I was excited to see what was around the bend. Now, I know what to expect, and even though each day it is a little different, and I am a little different, the scene is familiar.

The entrance to the New York City Public Library is framed with two statue lions who were given the names Patience and Fortitude during the Great Depression.

Makes me think about last year, the year of the “2020 pandemic.”

It was a year that strained our patience and required us to be courageous.

We lived a life filled with uncertainty. Each day seemed to provide a changing landscape, the familiar became something we longed for.

In our lives we have constant bends in the road. Times when we do not know what lies ahead. We struggle with wanting to run ahead to see what is on the other side; or we want to turn around and go back the way we came.

How we approach the bends in the road determines our path. Approach each with patience and courage.

I’m Dan Kenney and this is my perspective.  

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