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Perspective: Big Problems? Big Plans!


For the 81 million people who voted for change on November 3, yesterday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden was deeply satisfying. The challenges are immense and the fissures dividing people wide, but we know that this man cares deeply for the people of this country and will do his best. He’s been preparing for this for a long time and has spent recent months recruiting an impressive team of professionals to find ways to address the multiple crises we face.

The Biden team understands that the economy won’t recover until the virus is under control and many were reassured by his recent decision to make the science advisor a member of the cabinet.

Plans are ready to go for improved vaccine distribution - the goal is for 100 million people to be vaccinated by late April. Schools will be made safe to reopen so parents can return to work. Individuals, businesses, and local and state governments — all will get help.

There’s an adage that a leader should never let a crisis go to waste. President Biden is taking those words to heart as he tackles some big societal problems - child poverty is one - as part of his ambitious plans.

The economic recovery after the 2008 crash was painfully slow, the result of a stimulus bill that was too small. The Obama team tried compromise in a vain attempt to win Republican votes for the bill, a mistake Biden is unlikely to make this time.

Biden’s new plans are big and bold and he seems ready to move fast.

I’m Deborah Booth and that’s my perspective.

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