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Perspective: Live Fully Every Moment

photo courtesy of Dan Kenney
Dan five days after surgery and just before heading home from the hospital

This is a unique perspective for me. I may be dead when you hear this.

I write and record on the eve of my heart bypass surgery. Tomorrow morning they will literally stop my heart from beating so they can fix it. Trusting my surgeon and team to hold my heart in their hands.

During these past few days I found myself preparing both to live and to die.

I hope you don’t think this is a dark perspective. Actually I mean it to be a celebration of the glorious mystery that is our life. It is a celebration of a moment in the same way we should embrace every moment. As Richard Rohr writes, “everything belongs.” We should flow with each moment, fully present. All the joys and sorrows, peaks and valleys.

We never know for certain when we may be sharing our last perspective. We do not always have time to face squarely our own mortality. We are usually too busy doing to take time to even notice the fleeting moments of our days.

I hope I am recovering at home when my voice is heard.

However, if I’m not. I hope you will stop to think. And take time each day to be fully in the moments and embrace the miracle.

I’m Dan Kenney and this has been or is my perspective.

Note: Dan Kenney survived his surgery and is recovering nicely.

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