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Perspective: Attitude Reflects Leadership

Portland police

In 1971, in Virginia, a black teen was shot and killed by a white store owner. The city Alexandria created T.C. Williams, an integrated high school. The movie Remember the Titans gives us a glimpse of that struggle. There is a moment when Julius (a black player) and Gary (a white player) are arguing under a tree. When Gary challenges Julius to give his all for the team, Julius turns to Gary and says, “Attitude reflects leadership…Captain.”

The unrest, anger, fear and apprehension America feels today reflects the vacuum left by the absence of national leadership. Without a strong voice, one filled with humility, courage and hope for everyone, we get leaders who put self-interest ahead of concern for the people.

I struggle to say this, however I will -- Trump is my president. He is the president for all the people, those who like him and those who don’t. He is here to care for the American public and to put the interest of the common good above his own. The president sets the standard and models the way, giving people hope and assurance that every part of his administration’s vast resources help every state.

Here is the result of his leadership to date: chaos, fear, riots, protest, armed civilians storming government centers and an unemployment rate unprecedented since 1929.

Julius is right. Attitude does reflect leadership.

I’m Lou Ness, and that’s my perspective.

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