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This Season Of Expectancy


"Therefore you must be ready, for the Son of Man will arrive at an unexpected hour." Matt 24:44--a Jesus saying from the gospel on the first Sunday of Advent.

Advent is a quiet time for Christians who wait in the dark of December for Christ’s arrival both as a baby and a King.

The idea of Jesus coming unexpectedly, like a thief, scares me -- especially since I was raised in a tradition that described a terrifying God. I don’t like surprises. and that image of a thief…well, who wants a thief in the night?

But what if this is good news? What if the Son of Man comes with all good things, which may be fearsome but still good?

If you don’t believe Jesus was anything, what if the Son of Man stands in for the presence that arrives unexpectedly, overturns your world into something new, something good, but disorienting?

Maybe we should be ready like children waiting for Christmas or the anticipation before a wedding, or Cubs fans waiting for that final game in the World Series. What about our longing for peace on earth?

Nadia Bolz Weber preached on her Sarcastic Lutheran blog, “Expectancy is what the prophet Isaiah expressed when he spoke of the future in this way: In the days to come God will judge between the nations, and shall arbitrate for many peoples. (You know what the result of God’s judgement is? Peace.)”

I’m Katie Andraski, and that’s my perspective.

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