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Small Efforts Can Mean A Lot


  Remember the book report, that standard assignment we wrote in school? Well, this task has followed me to one of my greatest pleasures—reading, and I’m not even in school.

I enjoy shopping for a book whose opening lines grab my imagination and whose last paragraphs assure me that my time was well spent. Then I curl up with a book that leads me to wonder and awe and escape. Because it’s such a deep pleasure, I save my books for bedtime.

Since I published The River Caught Sunlight, readers’ reviews have told me what the book was about when I didn’t know. They have said how the book touched them and encouraged others to buy it. They have lifted my heart, helped me keep writing.

I want to return the favor to emerging authors who, like me, need people’s recommendations to sell books. Reviewing their work on various websites is one way I can help. But it’s a weary thing knowing I can’t just close the book, its world echoing in my mind, and open the next one. I have a stack I need to review.

But then again “upsman1968” gave my novel five stars and two words “Loved it.” So, whatever you and I can do, even if it’s tiny, can help your favorite author continue to publish because word of mouth sells books. And you might just make their day.

I’m Katie Andraski, and this is my perspective.

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