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Perspective: Who's afraid of video games?


 Jonathan Shelby was a spring semester student in Jason Akst's Journalism 401 class at Northern Illinois University. Students wrote and recorded opinion pieces for WNIJ's Perspectives. You can find more at https://www.northernpublicradio.org/tags/j401

Ahh, video games! A grand escape from the harsh trials and tribulations of life into worlds filled with magic monsters and mayhem. Truly, they're the bane of every parent's existence.


Video games have always been a topic of criticism as to whether the delicate minds of children and young adults should be allowed to enjoy them as they can be quite addictive, as you might know. Yet while their cons have been discussed far more than their pros, playing video games alone with friends can still be a great pastime for both children and adults.


I myself treasure video games as an integral part of my life. Some of my favorite memories involve booting up the old Nintendo Wii console, playing Wii Sports Resort with family and friends and just having a good time for hours on end. Heck, I’ve written stories about some specific video games as a lifestyle writer.


Granted sometimes I can't play them all that often due to responsibilities, but they reveal opportunities I would never have thought possible if I didn't play them. Playing some video games can also majorly help with communication and strategy. Being forced to work in a team to accomplish a goal can improve overall teamwork and adaptability in unexpected situations. Whether it be a small mobile game, or maybe something bigger, more advanced, give them a try. You never know. They can be such great hobbies and create moments that you'll never forget.


I'm Jonathan Shelby, and this is my perspective.