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Watch: DeKalb County virtual candidate forums

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WNIJ and the League of Women Voters of DeKalb County co-sponsored candidate forums for contested races in DeKalb County. The forums broadcast live on WNIJ's Facebook page.

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DeKalb Park District
DeKalb Ward 5
DeKalb Ward 3
DeKalb Ward 7

DeKalb School District 428
Genoa-Kingston School District 424

Sycamore Ward 1
Sycamore Ward 3
Sandwich Ward 2

*Invitations for the forums were sent to all candidates in these elections, both those on the ballot and write-in candidates. In cases where only one candidate accepted the invitation, they were allowed to make a two minute statement.

**All candidates for the Somonauk School District 432 were invited, the League received either no response, or a decline from all six candidates.

The consolidated election is April 4, 2023. Information about registration, voting and the candidates can be found at the League’s non-partisan election website, www.illinoisvoterguide.org.

Información Electoral (en español)

    Forum Video Archive:

DeKalb Park District:

DeKalb Ward 5:

DeKalb Ward 3:

DeKalb Ward 7:

DeKalb School District 428:

Genoa-Kingston School District 424:

Sycamore Ward 1:

Sycamore Ward 3:

Sandwich Ward 2: