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Perspective: Domestic violence is never OK

Jason Leung

Domestic violence is often referred to as a “silent crime” because it happens in the private spaces of our communities every day. It is common for victims to feel trapped and helpless. The majority of the incidents involve men inflicting harm on women, however the reverse does happen as well. Tragically, incidents against children and between those in same-sex relationships are rising as well.

It’s not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to do all they can just to avoid triggering situations and violent outburst. This desperation over time can become “Stockholm Syndrome” in which the victim defends the actions of the abuser just to survive.

Since the majority of incidents involve male abusers and female victims, as a man I feel an obligation to speak up and out. It’s important women know they have male allies. As a man it’s imperative that abusive men know I will not turn a blind eye to domestic violence, and “man rules” do not apply. Since the majority of the people at the legislative table are male, we have to use our numbers to support strong domestic violence laws that result in more than a “slap on the wrist” for offenders. We need to send a message that clearly articulates “Domestic Violence is not OK.”

I’m Joe Mitchell and this is my perspective

Born in Buffalo, N.Y., George Joseph “Joe” Mitchell was raised in DeKalb, where he is the bi-vocational co-pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.