Mind-U is a new podcast that’s dedicated to stimulating the intellect, and inspiring you to learn something new every day.

Mind-U is produced by WNIJ, in collaboration with NIU Steamworks.

Mind-U: Augmented Optics

Oct 12, 2017

How do self-driving cars drive and park without hitting anything? The answer is augmented optics: tools and imaging systems that can provide extremely precise measurements for use in a host of hot applications.

Mind-U: Byte by Byte

Oct 12, 2017

Every time we use the internet, we leave a trail of information behind. On this edition of Mind-U, we'll hear a Northern Illinois University STEM Café talk, members of the NIU Marketing Department will discuss where we’re leaving our digital footprints, who’s using our personal data and what they’re doing with it.

Mind-U: The Local Food Movement

Oct 12, 2017

Want to be healthier, contribute to lower pollution and stimulate the local economy? Eating locally grown food can help you do all three! On this edition of Mind-U we'll hear a Northern Illinois University Stem Cafe talk, “Our Daily Spread: Local Farms, Community Gardens and Access to Healthy Food,” 

Mind-U: The Rhetoric of Climate Change

Oct 12, 2017

Why do our conversations about climate change get so heated? And why do they often feel so unproductive?