WNIJ Perspective

Perspective: A Saving Grace

Feb 14, 2019

How did you survive the once-in-a-lifetime Polar Vortex last month? Our border collie friends posted their stories on Facebook, illustrated with dogs romping in layers of new snow with swirling winds wrapping them in white blankets. These high energy dogs relish the sub-zero temps if kept active, even without doggie sweaters or booties. The hardest challenge is to find open ground to encourage the dogs to do their daily duties. 


Sometimes You Don't Get To Choose

Apr 17, 2017

I happen to be particularly careful when buying containers of strawberries.

My method is always the same: Pick up the container, check the top for bruises and mold, then both sides, then the bottom. Sometimes, I will go through five or six containers before I find one that’s acceptable. And on a rare occasion, I never do find one worth buying, so I walk away empty handed.