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DeKalb Incident Highlights Traffic Stop Disparities

Apr 17, 2020
Sarah Jesmer

Over the past few months, in the wake of a controversial traffic stop that resulted in a 30-day suspension of an officer, DeKalb community members have continued conversations about police accountability. 

A viral video showed several officers including Sgt. Jeffrey Weese attempting to physically restrain Elonte McDowell during the Aug. 24, 2019 stop.

DeKalb Police announced Thursday that Sgt. Jeff Weese will serve a 30-day unpaid suspension and undergo related training for his actions during and following the Aug. 24, 2019 arrest of Elonte McDowell.

McDowell was arrested for drug offenses. According to a news release, an internal investigation was conducted into the use of force applied to subdue McDowell. This investigation concluded that several policy violations occurred during the incident.

The news release states:

DeKalb Residents March For Policing Changes

Nov 11, 2019
Noah Johnson

NIU students and DeKalb community members demanded accountability this Saturday with a protest.  It was a follow up to a controversial arrest this summer.

Sarah Jesmer

The recent arrest of Elonte McDowell by DeKalb-area law enforcement has sparked a conversation about racism and fear of police within communities of color. 


McDowell was arrested on a Saturday morning, August 24. Joe Mitchell watched a cell phone video of his arrest on Monday.



DeKalb PD Releases Dash-Cam Arrest Footage

Sep 2, 2019
Sarah Jesmer

The DeKalb Police department has released video and audio footage of the arrest of Elonte McDowell. It comes roughly a week after the incident took place. 


A Facebook video of McDowell’s arrest has gained national attention and stoked allegations of excessive use of force by law enforcement involved.