Wisconsin Residents Could Be Eligible For Part Of Milk Price-Fixing Lawsuit Settlement

Jan 18, 2017

Wisconsin residents could be eligible for a refund if they bought milk or milk products in the state from 2003 to present. That’s because of a price-fixing lawsuit settlement.

Credit Flickr user liz west / "milk" (CC v. 2.0)

The National Milk Producers Federation allegedly conspired to kill cows through Cooperatives Working Together to improve milk prices. That’s according to the 2011 antitrust lawsuit.

Members of cooperatives representing about three-fourths of the country’s milk supply paid money into a fund used to buy herds that would be slaughtered from 2003 to 2010. Nearly 10 billion pounds of raw milk were removed from the market as a result.

CWT and milk producers denied they did anything illegal but settled the case in August. That’s bringing millions of dollars to consumers in 15 states – not including Illinois.

A consumer could receive from $45 to $70 – maybe even less, depending on how many submit claims. The milk had to be purchased from a retailer, like a grocery store, and not for resale.

Lawyers estimate 73 million eligible claims. More than 300,000 were submitted as of last November, according to court documents.

Wisconsin residents have until the end of the month to file their claim.