U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos Decides Against Run For Illinois Governor

Feb 20, 2017

Several months after first being mentioned as a possible candidate for governor of Illinois, Cheri Bustos has decided against it.

Credit www.cheribustos.com

The congresswoman from East Moline and the 17th District Monday said she will run for re-election next year instead.

"As I was considering the best way for me to serve, I was given a new opportunity to join Democratic House leadership as the only Midwesterner sitting around the table,” Bustos said. “And with that comes the responsibility to serve as voice for hard-working families from the heartland, who feel like they’ve been left behind. With my new leadership responsibilities, I have determined the best way for me to continue getting results for hard-working families across the heartland is by serving in Congress.

Bustos says Midwestern families are suffering because of "failure and dysfunction" in both Springfield and Washington, but she believes she can make the greatest difference by staying in Congress. 

And she says she's looking forward to campaigning for a Democratic governor next year.