Top Box Foods Expands To Rockford To Provide Preassembled Groceries

Apr 29, 2020

A nonprofit food provider is expanding its services to Rockford. 

Top Box Foods was founded by Chris Kennedy, a nephew of the late U.S. president. The organization buys foods from sources such as restaurant suppliers and sell preassembled boxes of groceries to residents. Kennedy said the decision to move to Rockford was strongly based on the economic situation there.

“Some of the large grocery store chains have been closing grocery stores in Rockford, creating food deserts, leaving people isolated and unable to access groceries,” said Kennedy. 

The company will also be drawing upon volunteers, such as from the United Way, to help deliver the boxes. Kennedy added that the delivery can help in multiple ways during the pandemic.

“Just as I think people can feel lonely in a crowd, so too can they feel connected even when they’re isolated. And that connection comes from a volunteer showing up at your doorstep with a box of groceries,” he said.

Kennedy said anyone is eligible to order the boxes. They can be bought online, by phone, or through a partner organization.