Sterling Residents Pondering Switching Electricity Providers

Jun 23, 2016

Lower ComEd rates have some Sterling residents wondering if they should go off the city’s aggregation plan

Sterling made a three-year deal with MidAmerican Energy in 2014.  At the time, their rates were lower than other companies. reports, however, that this year, ComEd’s rates of 6.3cents per kilowatt/hour is more attractive than MidAmerican’s 7.6 cents to some residents.  

Since the city can’t automatically switch residents to a new plan, the decision lies with individuals.   City officials say ratepayers can switch to ComEd or another provider without penalty, but can’t return to MidAmerican for six months, even if they have a more favorable rate.  Rock River Energy Services owner Mike Mudge calls ComEd’s low rates anomalous, and believes community plans offer more stability.