Statewide: Learning To Learn Remotely

Nov 27, 2020
Originally published on November 27, 2020 7:11 am

The pandemic has forced more students and teachers to go online.  That hasn't been easy.  But it's also a challenge for parents, juggling work and making sure their kids keep up with their studies.  A reporter shares her story.

We also look back at an incident in Springfield involving President John F. Kennedy, one year before his assassination. 

That and more on this week's Statewide.

Our lineup:

* Adriana Cardona-Maghuigad of WBEZ tells us what life has been like working at home while her bouncy four year old learns remotely.

* Christine Herman of Illinois Newsroom finds out what the University of Illinois learned since reopening during a pandemic.  

* Rich Egger introduces us to the new president of Western Illinois University, Dr. Guiyou Huang.

* From the Curious City podcast, recalling the life and work of singer-songwriter Steve Goodman.  

* Why has misinformation about the coronavirus spread so rapidly? Chase Cavanaugh of WNIJ explains. 

* In 1962, during a visit to Springfield, President Kennedy toured in an open vehicle.  Reporter Crystal Thomas has discovered a rifle was pointed at the president from a window during his visit.  The event took place the year prior to JFK's assassination.  We discuss the incident.   

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