State Of Illinois Seeks New Climatologist

Mar 5, 2019

Dr. Jim Angel was state climatologist from 1996 to 2018.
Credit ISWS

Illinois is still looking for a new state climatologist.

The role is the main point person for all climate information around the state. An example would be comparing snowfall and rain to previous years and seeing how far they deviate from the norm.

The position was previously held by Dr. Jim Angel from 1997 until his retirement in December. The office's duties are currently being handled by several U of I personnel. This includes Professor David Kristovich, head of the Climate and Atmospheric Sciences Section at the Illinois State Water Survey. He says Angel was an excellent climatologist, but had to assume much of the office's duties on his own.

"We're moving more to a state climatologist's office where more than one person will be contributing to the office, and ultimately, there will be a state climatologist," he said.

A single person will still hold the position of state climatologist, but Kristovich says spreading out the workload can help the office operate more efficiently. As of now, he says they're taking time to find a worthy successor.