Senator Kirk's stroke recovery progressing: photo released today

Apr 24, 2012


Senator Mark Kirk is “mentally sharp” and keeping up with global issues during daily meetings with his staff. That’s according to the director of the stroke rehabilitation center where the 52-year-old Republican has been since February.

Dr. Richard Harvey says Senator Kirk has been “working very hard in daily therapy sessions to increase his strength and mobility.” He says Kirk has walked more than ten miles since he started therapy: he’s also able to climb stairs and get in and out of vehicles now. Kirk will also take part in a research trial at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago that involves an intense walking regimen.

The first public photo of Kirk since his stroke in January was released today, showing him sitting at a table in what looks like an office setting. Doctors have said he should make a full mental recovery, but they expect the stroke to limit his movement on the left side.