Rockford's Police Chief's Discipline Hearing Continues In Mid-February

Jan 30, 2015

A retired deputy chief was the star witness for the Rockford Police Union Thursday at a conduct hearing for Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson.

The union accuses Epperson of interfering with police officers in 2013. They were responding to a report of possible domestic violence at the home of then-NAACP president Lloyd Johnston, involving Johnston and his son. Johnston wouldn’t allow officers to enter his home, on the advice of Epperson: officers could hear Epperson advising Johnston when Johnston put the call on speaker phone. The Rockford Fire and Police Commission is holding the hearings to see if there is probable cause to continue their investigation.

The Rockford Register Star reports Retired Deputy Chief Lori Sweeney told the commission she agreed with union assertions that Epperson interfered with police officers while they tried to perform their duties. She also said Epperson tried to change an officer’s report on the incident.

The hearings continue February 19th.