Rock Valley College Teachers Begin Strike

Sep 16, 2015

Rock Valley College faculty members went on strike today after negotiators for the college declared an impasse Tuesday night without responding to the faculty association’s latest proposal on a five-year wage increase plan.

Credit Rock Valley College

Following a meeting to plan specific strategy, faculty members started picketing at all three entrances of the college.

According to union president Michael Youngblood, the latest offer from the school’s administration would result in reduction of the faculty’s overall compensation. The union will be voting on this offer tomorrow, and will meet again with negotiators Friday morning.

"We presented our latest proposal and, without even responding to it, the Board's representatives declared impasse,” said Youngblood, an RVC economics professor. “This is not bargaining in good faith. Unfortunately, the Board has pushed us into this strike. Hopefully, they will start taking negotiations seriously. We meet with them again on Friday and our side will be ready to meet all night until a deal can be reached."

The Tuesday evening session was the fifth meeting since the faculty association voted to authorize a strike. No trustees attended the negotiation sessions so far.

Both sides are set to meet again Friday.

The college is postponing credit classes indefinitely.