Retired General David Petraeus Will Speak At Judson University Event Later This Year

Feb 4, 2020

Gen. David Petraeus in 2011.
Credit U.S. Department of Defense

Retired General David Petraeus will visit Illinois in October.

He’ll be the next speaker in the University's "World Leaders Forum."  2004 Judson alumnus Mark Vargas is also leading a Q&A at the event. Vargas said he met the General while working as part of an economic special task force in Iraq during the U.S.-led war. 

“General Petraeus was leading our coalition forces to clear and hold as part of our counterinsurgency strategy and then the civilian force would reopen factories and put Iraqis back to work,” Vargas said. 

In the conversation, Vargas wants to discuss the essence of Petraeus’ career.

"I wanted to drill down and find out where was his lightning bolt moment that he knew he wanted to serve his country, and what was it like leading troops into battle post 911."

Judson's "World Leaders Forum" has featured guests ranging from Queen Noor of Jordan to U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Vargas also started his own speaker series, and brought entrepreneur Mark Cuban to Judson in May.