Rauner Admin. Progress In Poison Hotline Cuts

Nov 19, 2015

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration is moving forward with cuts to a poison hotline.

Credit Illinois Poison Center

The Illinois Poison Center is a non-profit that includes a hotline to field calls from doctors, hospitals, or just people who are worried about something their kid ingested.

Now, the Poison Center stands to lose 2 million dollars in state money.

Rauner’s administration announced in June it wanted to stop the flow of government money for the program, since there isn’t a state budget. This week, the administration got the go-ahead to make that cut.

Poison Center spokesmen said in a statement without state money, they haven’t been making hires.

The statement also says the Poison Center fields thousands of calls every year -- saving needless ambulance trips to emergency rooms.