Quinn Mum on Gambling Expansion

Jan 16, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn refuses to be pinned down on what he'll do with legislation that expands gambling in Illinois -- creating five new casinos in cities like Chicago ... Rockford ... and Danville. Gov. Quinn will once again have the opportunity to approve or veto gambling legislation. But unlike past bills, this time it's take-it-or-leave-it -- the legislature won't have the chance to override a potential veto.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

As he was before vetoing a similar gambling package over the summer, the governor's HINTED about what he'll do.  Here he is, last week:

"I've already indicated my thoughts about it in the past, so we'll wait until it arrives and then speak about it then."

But Quinn hasn't come out and SAID he'll veto it. He's had plenty of opportunity.

Reporters keep asking him about it, and his response goes something like this:

"The state of Illinois and the people of Illinois have to be treated fairly and that's my job. And that's why I've said any bill that doesn't measure up will get vetoed."

So does the new gambling legislation measure up?

"We will review that and act accordingly."

Quinn's had a long time to review the plan -- the legislature passed it nearly two years ago

Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky contributed to this report.