Perspective: Glorifying The Chore

May 13, 2019

A couple of years ago, NPR announced a writing contest for what makes life nicer, resurrecting a challenge it ran in 1972. The idea was to write a non-commercial ad pitching something that’s free and brings joy. I got inspired.


I used to help my mother hang out the wash in our backyard in Memphis, and I think I enjoyed it back then. I certainly have fond memories of it now and truly love this domestic chore. So I wrote an ad for clotheslines.


It wasn't selected -- maybe because a clothesline isn’t entirely free.


Since my entry didn’t win, I thought this was another way to air it -- sorry, that was initially an unintended pun. So here goes.


Ahhh, the smell of sunshine and fresh air when you step out of the shower and pick up a towel that’s been dried by Mother Nature -- outside on your clothesline.


A trip to your backyard lets you escape from other household duties and may conjure up memories of your childhood or loved ones.


Arrange your clean laundry by category or color, or go the random route -- mixing your sheets and undies, T-shirts and throw rugs. Step back and observe the installation artwork you’ve created, and enjoy the show as you watch them all dance together in time with the wind.


Give your clothes dryer a break and save electricity: use a clothesline!


I’m Paula Garrett and that’s my spring perspective.