The Permit's In The Mail: First Round Of Concealed Carry Approved

Feb 28, 2014

Illinois gun owners can soon carry their weapons in public.  Illinois State Police officials say they are mailing out the first concealed carry permits to gun owners who applied.

Credit Illinois State Police /

About 5-thousand people should receive them as soon as next week, with another 46-thousand applications pending.

Brandon Phelps is a state representative who negotiated the new law.

This is new to Illinois, but not new to the country. We’re the last state to do this. Forty-nine other states already have a concealed carry process in their state and not one of them has ever repealed their law. So we think this will work.

Local police officials across the state have objected to about 800 people who applied for concealed carry permits.

The new Illinois law prohibits concealed weapons on playgrounds, government buildings, and buses and trains.