NIU Prepares Campus Community For The Release Of Program Priorities

Apr 27, 2016

Northern Illinois University's President will soon announce the results from an extensive review process of programs and departments.

NIU President Doug Baker speaking at the town hall meeting on Wednesday.
Credit Katie Finlon / WNIJ

The findings will be released Monday.

President Doug Baker addressed the campus community at a town hall meeting on Wednesday. He summed up some of the review's objectives.

"How do we become more efficient and effective? How do we help each other do our jobs better?" Baker said.

NIU Vice Provost Lisa Freeman says 10 academic programs were volunteered for deletion.

"If we do end up closing programs, we're going to go through the academic processes that we always go through when we open and close programs," Baker said. 

Baker says the report recommendations go hand-in-hand with a soon-to-be proposed multi-year budget for the university. 

Once the results are posted, they will be open to feedback through May 23.