Nature Sets Her Own Rules

Feb 27, 2018

If you had just 90 seconds to say something to the world, what would you say?

As I sit pondering, a cooper’s hawk lands on the porch outside my window, rescuing me. He hangs around, hunting the feeder. More it snows, more I see him.

The snow has been remarkable, hasn’t it? Everything that’s not flocked is frosted. Just what we needed, I think, fresh whitewashing of the old cow barn. If the only thing the snow did was make the cardinal stand out, well, that would be enough.

The cooper’s hawk is an accipiter, which means it eats mainly songbirds. You’d think such a hawk would prefer a meaty squirrel but, according to the laws of nature, that’s not the case. I saw a cooper’s hawk and a squirrel on the ground once near a burning bush. They were sizing each other up, thinking, I know the laws of nature, sure, but what about you?

The cooper’s hawk is a savvy hunter. He doesn’t try to catch the birds on his dives. He simply swoops past the birdfeeder and the songbirds scatter. When one knocks itself senseless against the window, the hawk hops over and claims his meal. That’s what he’s doing on the porch just now.

I’ve always liked watching the birds. As I boy, I watched my mom and dad trudge out to scatter seed on the snowy hillside. I’ve followed their tracks in the snow. Easier than making my own path, I guess.

As usual, my short time is up, and I’m not sure I said what I wanted to say.

I’m Chris Fink, and that’s my perspective.