Lost Children In A Lost Nation

Jul 9, 2018

“Dad when are you coming to get me?”

The father put the phone down, unable to speak. His sobs choked his voice.

He sat in his one room house deep in Mexico after being separated from his daughter at the border and deported.

We have all seen the photos by now. Children of all ages trying to sleep fully clothed in wire cages under aluminum foil. Some curled up in balls of terror. Others sobbing in the dark. Little ones crying out for their mother.

This is who we are now as a country. We are a nation that has lost its way. We must ask ourselves, “Do we still deserve the Statue of Liberty?”

The sculptor who created the statue would not recognize this nation. However, there was once a brutal, deranged and heartless dictator in Germany who may recognize the tactics of today’s America.  

A nation’s security is best preserved by building relationships, not walls. History teaches that if you want a secure country, build friendships with compassion instead of breeding hate by inflicting pain.  

Today’s lost children will become tomorrow’s scarred adults. Do we want to be remembered for the pain we cause or can we find our way back to the nation that received the statue of Liberty as a gift for our compassion?

I’m Dan Kenney and that is my perspective.