Libertarian Candidate Clashes With Judge Over Child Issues

Aug 8, 2018

The candidate engaged in a shouting match with a judge about child visitation and the money he owes his ex-wife.
Credit Facebook / Kash Jackson for Governor

The Libertarian candidate for Illinois governor, who's campaigned against the state's child-support system, engaged in a shouting match with a judge about money he owes his ex-wife and access to child visitation.

The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reports Grayson Jackson balked at scheduling a meeting with his daughter at a neutral family visitation center. Lake County Judge Joseph Salvi questioned whether Jackson would show up as his gubernatorial campaign was taking a lot of time.

Jackson replied he was forced to run because of his treatment and wouldn't be treated as a second-class citizen.

Jackson, who changed his name from Benjamin Winderweedle last year, owes about $6,000 to his ex-wife. He says his monthly support payment of about $2,500 is about 40 percent of his Navy pension and disability income.