Large Crowds With Something To Say Pack Congressional Office Meetings

Feb 3, 2017

An unusually large crowd showed up at the DeKalb Public Library Thursday to let Congressman Adam Kinzinger know they are not happy with President Trump’s recent actions.  

The audience at Cong. Adam Kinzinger's traveling office meeting at the DeKalb Public Library
Credit Scott Desavouret / WNIJ

The 16th district Republican Representative wasn’t at the meeting, but his staff gathered comments from the one-sided, but mostly respectful, crowd. The constituents raised many concerns, such as immigration, healthcare, climate change. DeKalb resident Howard Solomon spoke about how to address poverty, saying “we need to do it with compassion and with thought and with a long term plan to make those who are stuck with poverty actually able to get out of it. Let the congressman know that.” 

Earlier this week, a similar meeting in Machesney Park attracted more than 100 people.