Labor Day Weekend Means More Traffic, More State Troopers

Sep 4, 2015

Credit ISP

Millions of people are expected to hit the roadways nationwide this Labor Day weekend.  The Illinois State Police will be stepping up enforcement to help keep drivers and their passengers safe.

Illinois State Police District 16 Commander Captain Mark Karczewski says state police will have safety checks and increased patrols this weekend in what’s being called “Operation Fatal 4.”

“That fatal four is the top 4 contributory causes to crashes: DUI and speed, distracted driving and occupant restraint.  Those are 4 that we target specifically over a holiday weekend where you going to see an uptick in traffic.”

In other words, turn off that cell phone, buckle up, slow down and don’t drink and drive.  

But Karczewski says police will be out in force looking for all kinds of violations.

“We’ve redirected our administrative personnel, and through some extra funding, put some additional cars out on the road for proactive purposes.”

Karczewski says drivers should be looking out not only for themselves, but their passengers and others who might be out on the road as well.  If you're throwing a party, make sure there are designated drivers.  Drivers should also allow extra time to get to their destination legally and safely.