Kishwaukee Hospital Acquires Precision Surgical Robot

Aug 9, 2019

Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital has just acquired a precision surgical robot.

Known as a da Vinci, it consists of multiple arms equipped with different instruments for surgery, such as scissors and forceps. Dr. Ricardo Soares was trained on the system, and said using it takes more time than a conventional surgery. But he said the robot can allow for a procedure that doesn’t require as much time for recovery.

“The scale of work is way more precise," Soares said. "I’ll be on that console and every movement I do will be translated to a scale ten times smaller on the robot.”

Dr. Soares will use the machine to treat kidney tumors and remove prostate glands that have been affected by cancer. The gynecology department has also expressed interest in its precision.  Northwestern Medicine officials add that having the da Vinci robot in DeKalb means patients won’t have to travel into the suburbs for these major surgeries.