Illinois EPA Probes Landfill Leak

Jan 16, 2014

The Illinois EPA continues to look into this week's incident at Cortland Elementary School.

On Tuesday, dozens of students and staff at the DeKalb County school were sent to the hospital after being sickened by a strong smell from the nearby Waste Management landfill. Officials say strong winds carried the odor, pushing it into the school's ventilation system.

Kim Biggs is a spokeswoman for the Illinois EPA. She says they had inspectors on site yesterday at both the landfill and the school.

"We are gathering information to determine if any enforcement action is necessary," Biggs said.

Biggs says that inspection report could be turned over to the agency by as early as today.

Meanwhile, Waste Management officials have offered to pay for medical bills related to the ER visits. The company has also said it will no longer perform that type of work that caused the incident during school hours when "conditions are unfavorable."