How Will We Shape History In 2018?

Jan 8, 2018

We live during unpredictable times.

These are days of worry and stress for our family’s well-being, our community’s safety and development, our state’s ability to pull itself out of the financial ditch, and for our country’s dignity and democracy.

We also live under the dark cloud of fear because of two itchy fingered leaders with atomic bomb buttons on their desks.

During these times we also are challenged to maintain hope and motivation to work toward progressive change.

Although history is measured and recorded by the big moments, it actually is made every day by the millions of small actions taken by each of us -- actions that will lead us forward in progress or take us backward.

Together we make history each day with our choices in regard to these two possibilities.

Former Obama speech writer Cody Keenan writes in the New York Times: “History is made by the persistent, who know that even when our achievements are incremental, unsatisfying and unfinished, they are achievements all the same, precious progress worth defending and building upon. History is made every day by the hopeful, who know the story of America is a story of progress, and it is written by everyone who continues to show up.”

May each of us find the hope and courage necessary to show up in 2018, and together we can collectively bend the arc of history toward progress for all.  

I am Dan Kenney, and this is my perspective.