House Members: Sequestration Hits Home

Feb 20, 2013

Members of Congress are back home instead of trying to work out a plan to avoid massive across-the-board cuts scheduled to take effect March 1st. Many are using the opportunity to show how sequestration will hurt the people who live and work in their districts. 

U.S. House members Cheri Bustos and Adam Kinzinger talk about sequestration after a tour of SupplyCore in Rockford.
Credit Susan Stephens / WNIJ

In Rockford Tuesday, Democrat Cheri Bustos and Republican Adam Kinzinger showed they get along -- but they don’t agree. The two House members’ districts split the city of Rockford. They toured SupplyCore, a supply chain management company that gets more than 90 percent of its business through the Department of Defense. Bustos says the on-going “fiscal cliff” drama isn’t fair to businesses:

“We just had a great briefing from SupplyCore. And they just had an employee freeze. They’re not hiring right now because they don’t know what the future holds.”

Both Bustos and Kinzinger want to avoid the billions in cuts sequestration will force. Kinzinger says he wants cuts -- but smart, targeted cuts:

“I think it’s time to really talk about reducing the size of federal government and reducing spending, but not doing it on the backs of our military.”

Kinzinger blames the President and Democratic leadership for not taking up House-approved cuts late last year. Bustos blames Republican House Speaker John Boehner for NOT keeping them in Washington to work out a compromise before the March 1st deadline.