Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Drury Compares Speaker Madigan To Harry Potter Villain

Aug 4, 2017

State Representative Scott Drury says the Democratic Party in Illinois is behind the times and he blames that on House Speaker Michael Madigan, the party chairman.

Drury said legislative leaders like Madigan should be term limited and should not have second jobs.

He compared Madigan to a literary villain Who-Must-Not-Be-Named while speaking - fittingly - at a Chicago Public Library.

“It’s almost as if there is a Voldemort in the State of Illinois,” Drury said. “And no one wants to use his name. And if you can’t use his name, how are you going to fix the problem?"

A Madigan spokesman says the speaker has not taken a position on the Democratic candidates for governor.

Other Democrats also running are Daniel Biss, Bob Daiber, Chris Kennedy, Ameya Pawar, and JB Pritzker.