Gov. Rauner Calls On Local Lawmakers To Address Redistricting

Aug 30, 2016

Credit Carl Nelson / WNIJ

Governor Bruce Rauner made an unscheduled stop in Moline to talk to voters about redistricting.

He characterized last week's Illinois Supreme Court ruling, which found a proposal to put redistricting in the hands of an independent commission unconstitutional, as a tragedy.  

Rauner also called on local state legislators to put the question on the November ballot.

"Now that the court says the voter referendum can't go, you in the general assembly need to put it on the ballot so we, voters, can exercise our democratic right and vote on this issue," he said.  

Rock Island County Republicans Chairman Bill Bloom noted local lawmakers "say" they support redistricting.  

"But they don't lift a finger to actually do anything about it.  They didn't put out petitions, they didn't collect signatures, they didn't get anything notarized, and Republicans did all of that.  I think some of them are sincerely for redistricting but they won't say a word because they're afraid of Madigan, and others are just putting lip service into it," he said.  

Governor Rauner says candidates are running unopposed in two-thirds of statehouse races this election cycle