DeKalb County Teachers Take Time To Relax Before The First Day Of School

Aug 8, 2018

The DeKalb Regional Office of Education hosted its first Educator Spirit Day on Wednesday. It's intended to help teachers de-stress before their first day back to school. Regional Superintendent Amanda Christensen says the goal is to give educators tools to help manage their health.

"We know that we need educators to be focused on their own well being also in order to help their students focus on their well being," Christensen said.

Susan Bivens is a special education teacher at Cortland Elementary. She says it was a great way to get ready and prepare for her students.

"I know many of us have already been in our classrooms the past week working on getting the room setup, but it was a way to empower ourselves," Bivens said. 

Breakout sessions were offered throught out the day and included puppy therapy, yoga and free massages. Bivens took a floral class, which she says will help her bring a calming effect into her classroom and spark conversation about textures and smells. She hopes to see this event offered next year to help her get prepared again.