Both Major Party Gov. Candidates Don't Approve Of Education Funds Distribution

Oct 13, 2014

Both major party candidates for governor say Illinois should put more money into education. But neither is ready to embrace a controversial plan that would change how state money is distributed to schools.

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A proposal passed by the state senate is meant to even out how much money schools have to operate. Schools where poverty is high and property values are low would get more state funding by cutting money for wealthier districts.

Supporters say the change is fair. Gov. Pat Quinn isn't on board.

"I do not favor reducing funding in a particular school district to its disadvantage."
--- Gov. Pat Quinn

Neither is Republican businessman Bruce Rauner.

"Education is the most important thing we do together as a community. There's nothing more important."
--- Republican candidate Bruce Rauner

However, Rauner says Illinois needs a new education funding formula.