Beloit Casino Plan Still in Play

Jan 17, 2013

The Ho-Chunk Nation wants to build an off-reservation casino in Beloit. Ho-Chunk president Jon Greendeer says the application is under federal review, a process that could take another couple of years to complete. Greendeer says there's a lot that goes into it:

Credit Ho-Chunk Nation

"Getting into the more technical aspects of the plan to make sure that the infrastructure is solid and the environmental impact is suitable for an establishment like this." - John Greendeer

The government said no to a similar project several years ago, because it was too far away from the tribes behind that effort. Ho-Chunk president Jon Greendeer doesn't think that will be an issue this time around.

"This isn't something that is a mystery where a tribe has to be so labor intensive of proving their historical existence in that area. I think it's undisputed in the eyes of the federal government we are in our own territories."

While this is happening in southern Wisconsin, a proposed gambling expansion in Illinois is again being reviewed by Governor Quinn. The dormant legislation is similar to a package that was vetoed by Quinn last summer. The plan would add five casinos, including one in Rockford.  As for potential competition with Rockford, Greendeer says there's always a concern, but he says what's happening across the border isn't really on their radar in terms of how they develop their project.