Automatic Voter Registration Possible With Driver's License Renewals

May 20, 2015

More than a million people have Illinois drivers' licenses but aren't registered to vote. They would be registered automatically under a measure before the General Assembly.

Credit Secretary of State

Democrat Daniel Biss from Evanston says he thinks it is his responsibility as a public official to make the election process as open as possible.

"I think that we have a challenge in our society right now where participation in democracy feels first of all difficult and second of all, unfortunately sometimes pointless," Biss said.

Biss says the current process -- which requires multiple forms to fill out -- is pointless and makes the process more difficult.

"By removing that hurdle, we maintain the protections from fraud, but say to our constituents, the process needs your participation," Biss said.

For people already registered to vote, it would make changing addresses easier in the future. The proposal would still allow anyone to opt out.