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00000179-e1ff-d2b2-a3fb-ffffd7950001WNIJ's Friday Forum features in-depth interviews with state officials, community leaders, and others whose decisions influence your life. You can hear it every Friday during Morning Edition on 89.5 FM and WNIJ.org.

WNIJ Launches A New Series Of Public Affairs Interviews

More news about state and regional government and politics.

That was one highlight from a recent survey of WNIJ listeners. And it makes sense, because research shows public radio listeners pay close attention to the words and actions of elected and appointed officials.

With this in mind, WNIJ News is launching a new series called Friday Forum.  It will feature in-depth interviews with state officials, community leaders, and others whose decisions influence your life.

WNIJ's Director and General Manager, Staci Hoste, is proud of this weekly segment:

We work every day to deliver high-quality, independent news that matters to our audiences. Our most recent listener survey indicated a desire to hear more local, regional and state news. I’m proud to be able to offer listeners in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin a new series of reports to meet that need. I thank our listeners, donors, and underwriters who support these ongoing efforts.

The first installment airs Jan. 13 when we hear from two members of Illinois' Congressional delegation: 17th District Democrat Cheri Bustos and 16th District Republican Adam Kinzinger. Susan Stephens conducted both of those interviews and will present them during Morning Edition after Perspectives at 6:52 and 8:52. Topics will include challenges facing the 115th Congress, how they plan to work with the new administration, and what they plan to do to help lure jobs to the districts.

The next interviews, produced by Chase Cavanaugh, will be with two Illinois State Senators -- Democrat Steve Stadelman and Republican Dave Syverson.  The Senators will talk about jobs, education and the 18-month budget stalemate.

We want this series to be as interactive as possible, so please send your recommendations about who you'd like us to interview. Your state Representative? County Board chairman? What do you want us to ask him or her?

Leave a message on our Facebook page or send us a tweet @WNIJNews. And please use #WNIJFridayForum when talking about this series online.

We look forward to bringing you more conversations with the people directly connected with your community's future.