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WNIJ's summary of news items around our state.

Special Election Announced For Schock's Seat


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner called for a special election to fill Aaron Schock's vacant congressional seat. Rauner's office wants a special primary election held on June 8 and a special election on July 24.

Candidates will be able to file nominating papers with the state board of elections later this month. 

Rauner's office warned Tuesday the actual dates of the election will change in order to comply with federal voting law.

Illinois special election law stipulates it should be held no longer than 115 days after a seat becomes vacant. But that timeline does not provide enough time to comply with the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, designed to allow military serving overseas enough time to mail in ballots.

Officials say Rauner will issue an amended election schedule.

Schock, a Republican, formally resigned Tuesday. The Justice Department is looking into his office expenses, re-election campaign spending and relationships with donors.

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