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Durbin Not Ready To Endorse Quinn

Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator is holding off backing Governor Pat Quinn for reelection. Dick Durbin says he’ll wait to make sure Quinn’s actually planning to run in 2014.

Durbin was one of the first to support Barack Obama’s bid for President. But Durbin says coming out in favor of a candidate that early is a rarity. And until Governor Quinn declares he’s actually running in 2014, Durbin says he won't make any endorsements.

Speculation about Quinn's re-election bid comes as the Democrat faces low approval ratings. But Durbin, a fellow Democrat, says a key factor needs to be considered when looking at the ratings.

"He’s had to take on controversial issues.  In a tough economy.   That’s a fact. And I think that’s weighed heavily on the minds of a lot people” Durbin said.

Durbin says if Quinn runs for re-election, the governor will have to compare his record of taking on those challenges with his opponent’s record. So far Quinn hasn’t declared his candidacy, but he hasn’t dismissed it either.