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2018 Challenger To Rep. Kinzinger Returns To The Fray


A Republican who ran against Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger is preparing a 2022 campaign against him.

James Marter lost the 2018 GOP primary to the incumbent, but says Kinzinger’s recent attacks against former President Donald Trump and other members of his party have prompted him to run again. He discussed a campaign event in Princeton.

“I asked them. I said, 'Look, how many of you in this room voted for Adam Kinzinger in 2018 and not me.' And about half of the room, mostly the folks I did know, raised their hands and were like 'Yeah, we did.' And I can tell you right now when I asked the next question, who’s going to vote for him again in 2022, and not a single person raised their hand.” 

Kinzinger voted in favor of impeaching President Trump, and has now started a political action committee known as Country First. Its stated goal is to combat political extremism in the party’s ranks.