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Rep. Bustos Praises Inauguration Events, Says It's Time To Move Forward

Cheri Bustos
Cheri Bustos

Illinois U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos says President Biden’s inauguration is a chance to move forward. 

At a press conference today, Congresswoman Bustos praised the tone of the inauguration and the accompanying events. She complimented poet Amanda Gorman’s work and emphasized the importance of President Biden’s call for unity. 

“I think this will be a new day and hopefully putting this severe divisive partisanship behind us and moving forward and just getting the job done. We are in desperate need as a nation to get the job done and I think that is what the message today was about.” 

She said this isn't limited to the White House. 

“Now it is time for not only President Biden and Vice President Harris to begin the real work but for those of us serving in Congress to do the real work with them.”

Bustos said this work includes getting a handle on COVID-19, rebuilding the economy, and improving infrastructure and health care. She added that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic challenges and the attack on the Capitol, the inauguration will be seen as a moment where Americans chose “to stand together and move forward as one nation.”