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Frozen Pipes A Concern As Temperatures Drop

Pixabay user GWizUk

Freezing pipes are a potential problem as Illinois enters the winter months and residents leave for the holidays.

The freezing water can expand and cause catastrophic damage to a plumbing system if precautions aren’t taken. Bryan Faivre is the director of utilities and transportation for the City of DeKalb. He said when people turn the heat down when leaving for vacation, it’s important to keep in mind what areas are getting that heat.

“So it’s important to ensure that not only is the heat on in your home to a sufficient level, but also that all areas in the home are being heated to that degree as well.”

Faivre says another option, particularly if you’re going to be gone a long time, is to shut off the water going into the house. This can commonly be done with a valve near the water meter.